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broca brothers – we empower people who stutter.

Here’s a place for you to dig into stuttering and find out how you can become a fluent speaker. We created this because we stuttered severely ourselves, lacked adequate help and had to figure out the complexities of stuttering ourselves.

We honestly belief that you too can overcome your stutter, become an (almost) perfectly fluent speaker and a 100% able to fully express yourself in every situation. You can benefit from what we’ve learned, the insights we gained and the tools we created to do exactly the same, efficiently.

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Latest resources
July 22, 2016 / Blog
4 minute read

Stuttering: An internal conflict

During my extensive search for literature, I found multiple interesting articles and theories that contain a lot of value for people who are looking to overcome their stutter.

In this article I will share a psychological theory about stuttering, that describes stuttering as “the conflict between drives to speak and to avoid speaking.”

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July 21, 2016 / Video
17 minute watch

Just Ask The Broca Brothers | Episode #4

This weeks episode is about situational stuttering, people who stutter looking young and what should be inside the stutterer’s mind.

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