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The brothers Hille en Sjoerd both stuttered since age of 5. When speech therapies didn’t bring the solution to their problem, the two young men decided to take matter into their own hands. No longer could they live with the tension, shame and holding back when wanting to express themselves. They wanted to be able to show their true selves without stuttering getting in their way.

Many years of studying, reading, experimenting, failing and trying again finally resulted in fluent speech. This time without relapsing. Having come so far they decided to share what they found about stuttering with the rest of the world under the name Broca Brothers. That’s where their lives as stutter coaches began with the mission helping others to let go of the heavy burden that’s on their shoulders – named stuttering.

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For now there’s only one way to coach you if you don’t live in The Netherlands. And that’s via Skype. Please get in touch with us if you’re interested.

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