Why I don’t need music to express myself anymore

I´ve been stuttering since I was five. I´ve been making music since I was six.

I´ve been stuttering severely until twenty-four. I´ve been pursuing a career in music until twenty-five.

Is it coincidence, or is there a connection?

People ask me all the time why I quit music. I really believe that stuttering holds the answer.

It’s all about the need to fully express yourself.

As a shy, introvert and stuttering kid I found a way to express my feelings through music. It started with playing the guitar. Later on singing and writing lyrics got involved.

I now had this amazing opportunity to let people hear who I was. Fluently!

Somewhere around fifteen years old I had my first gig where I actually sang. I invited my parents so I could convince them to get me singing lessons. I NEEDED to sing and I NEEDED it to be as good as possible so people would love listening to me.

As the years passed I kept on singing. I also kept on stuttering.

I moved out of my parent’s place and then there came that day

Where I suddenly had this overwhelming urge to do something about the stuttering. As I dived in that process from that day on, the focus on music got less and less each month.

I found all these inspiring people on the Internet. Talking about reaching your full potential, expressing yourself, doing the things you fear most, living a fulfilled life. Because of those people I started looking for ways to become more fluent, and I did.

The more fluent I got, though, the less interest there was for music.

whyidontneedmusic1 Stuart joining us at a gig!

I went out to clubs and bars, talking to everybody. Approaching strangers on the streets during the day. I looked for breathing and grounding exercises. I read books on communication and body language.

I found the thing I always longed for as a kid,

but what I was hiding from behind the guitar and microphone.


Talking, instead of singing.

Somewhere down the line singing felt like pseudo-expressing. I couldn’t connect with the words I sang anymore. I couldn’t connect to the people showing up at our concerts anymore. Asking myself why people are singing to these lyrics, why they’re smiling, why they’re dancing.. It didn’t make any sense!

Then we quit the band

And a couple of months later Stuart and me started Broca Brothers.

And now you’re here, reading my ‘lyrics’ through which I express myself. I find these lyrics to be a lot closer to the truth than what I used to sing.

I can’t emphasize the importance of learning to FULLY express yourself more than with this example. It’s something that’s within each and everyone of us. Something that wants to come out, that needs to come out in order to live a fulfilled life.

I know you have it too. When those thoughts arise of “I should speak up more”, “I wish I would’ve said … to my friends”. As persons who stutter, we all go through it. Scratch that! 80% of the people on this planet (if not more) go through this.

I hope you can feel the honesty and truth in the things we do. We really believe in what we’re talking about at Broca Brothers. That overcoming stuttering is something that can be done, no doubt about that. We call the proces ‘learning to fully express yourself’. It’s the proces where you find courage. Courage to be honest, to search for what’s right for you, to find the real you behind the stuttering and with that comes fluency.

You might not immediately get what I’m saying here. But you will in some time. Stuart and I will be talking a lot about it.

Talk soon.

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Are you part of the stutter cure, or are you part of the disease?

Last week I was working out in the gym and heard Colplay’s Clocks on the radio, the next line really stood out to me: “am I part of the cure, or am I part of the disease”.

It got me thinking a little bit.
Stuart and myself are done with the negativity around stuttering, which mostly is created by a particular group of PWS (people who stutter) themselves. Always hating, bitching, complaining, finding excuses, finding reasons their stutter is a curse.

This is the disease.

Disease is a beautiful self explanatory word: dis-ease: the lack of ease, not at ease. And man… DO WE KNOW, having a stutter is frustrating as f*ck. YES. But do you know what’s more frustrating? Living a life that is in a constant physical and emotional fight with that stutter. Do you really want to keep doing this? Or are you becoming part of the cure? Starting a life of being at ease. Stand up and say “no more”, take action, tell the world you have a stutter and that you’re looking for ways to get it out of your system.

Get rid of the collective skepticism that surrounds becoming fluent, find your own path, make your own plan, stand on your own two feet. That’s where you’ll find your true potential. Many have done it before you and what another man can do, you can do too.

Stuttering is two sides of the same coin, one being disease and the other cure. Which side are you on?


Stutter Entity

Hey guys,

Here´s a thought from us.

We all have two personalities
within us.

One being the stutter personality
and the other the non-stutter one.

We like to call these personalities
Entities because they can control our
behavior and therefore our lives.

If the stutter personality is at work
you’ll shy away from conversations.
If the non-stutter version is working
for you, you’ll be more fluent and social.

Your stutter personality feeds on
stuttering, negative thoughts
and stuttering behavior such as
not making eye contact when speaking,
avoiding difficult words, not making
that phone call.

On the other hand your non-stutter
entity feeds on positive behavior.
Keeping eye contact, making that phone call,
putting yourself in more social situations.

Being more outgoing.

Now you can make a decision.

Feeding one will make that
entity stronger when at the
same time you’re starving the other.
The entity that you are not
feeding will gradually lose
its power over you.

Changing your behavior towards
your non-stutter personality is the
fastest way to delete your stutter.

Choose which entity you want
to feed and act accordingly.

Good luck.

Collective Skepticism

Because of shady stutter treatments, greedy speech gurus and therapies that just can’t seem to help everybody, something has arisen within the stuttering community the past decades and that is: collective skepticism.

Collective skepticism towards two things: People who genuinely want to help and the idea that stuttering doesn’t have to be a part of your life.

We’ll talk about the latter a little.

It is the ‘knowing’ that there’s no definite treatment for stuttering. That people who stutter will have to deal with it for the rest of their lives. We found ourselves in that collective thinking, in that group think for a LONG time. We too were conditioned to believe that having a stutter is just how it is, that no working therapy or cure will ever come. How WRONG were we. We couldn’t be further from the truth.

What we found is that when we finally stepped out of group think, looking through our own eyes and making up our own plan we made drastic changes in our speech. Still, as we are well on our way to eradicate stuttering from our lives, it’s difficult to genuinely believe that there are people who completely cured themselves from their inability to speak. But let us say this:

What if it is possible? WHAT IF?!

If it’s possible, does that mean you’re wasting your time? Wasting it on regret, sorrow and complaining? Here’s a TIP: step out of the collective skepticism and let the talkers talk for a moment. Go out and take a look for yourself. STAY OPEN MINDED. You’ll be surprised.