Stutter Entity

Hey guys,

Here´s a thought from us.

We all have two personalities
within us.

One being the stutter personality
and the other the non-stutter one.

We like to call these personalities
Entities because they can control our
behavior and therefore our lives.

If the stutter personality is at work
you’ll shy away from conversations.
If the non-stutter version is working
for you, you’ll be more fluent and social.

Your stutter personality feeds on
stuttering, negative thoughts
and stuttering behavior such as
not making eye contact when speaking,
avoiding difficult words, not making
that phone call.

On the other hand your non-stutter
entity feeds on positive behavior.
Keeping eye contact, making that phone call,
putting yourself in more social situations.

Being more outgoing.

Now you can make a decision.

Feeding one will make that
entity stronger when at the
same time you’re starving the other.
The entity that you are not
feeding will gradually lose
its power over you.

Changing your behavior towards
your non-stutter personality is the
fastest way to delete your stutter.

Choose which entity you want
to feed and act accordingly.

Good luck.

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