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6 Simple Stutter Tips

Here´s six simple stutter tips for you!

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Sometimes talking can be very hard, yet sometimes the most simple tip can make you a lot more fluent, as these tips definitely did for us.

There are 1000’s of tips out there, here’s just 6 but we believe this to be very effective ones! See what works for you.

  1. Read out loud every day.

Try this for one whole month. There are many people who stutter that get the benefit of warming up their voice in the morning before heading out. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking to overcome your stuttering.

  1. Project your voice.

Actively use your voice, exaggerate your pronunciation a little bit more and just put a little more effort in your speaking and expressing.

  1. Speak when you’re completely ready for it.

HUGE game changer for a lot of people who stutter. So simple and often VERY effective. Don’t rush yourself into a conversation. Relax a little before speaking.

  1. Take your time.

Same category as nr. 3. But also take your time when you’re IN a conversation. Don’t feel pressured into ANYTHING! The things you have to say are important; people can wait 3 extra seconds.

  1. Hold Eyecontact.

Never look away when a stutter comes up. Keep eyecontact, go back to nr.4 and continue. Eye contact gives a lot of PWS the comfort of knowing someone’s paying attention, which builds trust, comfort and results in a more relaxed state.

  1. Voluntary stuttering.

For BOSSES only. The best way to get back in control of your speech is when you are in control of the outcome. Voluntary stuttering shows your brain that there’s nothing scary to stuttering and afterwards you feel like superman, or woman.

7.  Bonus tip!

Always try to have fun.

Talk soon.
Hille & Stuart

P.S. Have you seen our video already of the talk we did at McGuire NL? Inspiration all over the place! You can watch it here (you can turn on English subtitles).

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