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Courage: the #1 key in overcoming stuttering

Where overcoming stuttering begins

Often I find myself playing “Courage”, original by Villagers, on my guitar. It’s an awesome song with lyrics that really speak to me.

Here’s part of the lyrics:

“It took a little time to get where I wanted, it took a little time to get free. It took a little time to be honest, it took a little time to be me”

“Courage, it’s a feeling like no other let me tell you. Courage, in harmony with something other than your ego. Courage, the sweet belief of knowing nothing comes for free.”

In a recent video Stuart and I talked about where to begin when you want to overcome stuttering. We had some really great insights there, but to be honest: this is where it all starts.


You will need courage.

Not a lot, but just enough to not to be afraid to start. Just enough to stop procrastinating and start putting yourself, your heart and your vulnerability out there.

It’s scary, man, do I know. I too shat my fair share of pants. But …

Understand that fluency will never come for free. The song tells you how it is. Not in the sense of money, but in the sense of putting in the work: It requires an expenditure of energy. Speaking fluent doesn’t come by sitting on your ass.

Just 1% more courage

Understand that we are litterally lulled into mediocrity.

Lame music on the radio, boring soaps on tv and fast food in your hands. Open your eyes and look at people dressing the same, talking the same and acting the same. No one dares to express a little courage to step out of this nonsense and learn how to fully express their true selves.

I dare to say that 90% of people on this planet, if not more, lack the skill of courage. Most settle for this mediocrity. They are ok with the status quo.

Most people don’t have the balls to pierce through their self made (often fake) reality. If they would, they would see that there’s a more powerful realm up for grabs.

The Realm of people who overcome stuttering

Understand that dwelling in the realm of mediocrity is not the place for you overcoming your stutter. In this realm you will find no energy for exercising courage and feeling motivated. Just because no one there can tell you how.

Stepping out this realm needs courage, but it only takes 1% more than other people have. You’re so close, you only need someone to lead you the way.

Courage: the first step in mastering stuttering

Courage is about trust. Fully trusting yourself to be capable of becoming fluent. Trust that you will learn from your mistakes and that they will make you a stronger person that eventually knows how to handle every situation that life throws at you. Full trust in yourself, you are capable in so much more than you might think.

That is what overcoming stuttering is about: master yourself, master your stutter. Being courageous is a huge part of it, and definitely the first step to take.

Where to find courage

Courage is found in everything. From the smallest day to day things, to huge life changes. The courage to ask someone a question, the courage to put an extra 20 pounds on your squatting rack, the courage to do something you’ve always wanted, the courage to ask for a raise, the courage to move to another country.

You can cultivate it in so many ways that eventually it will spread into your process of overcoming stuttering. Train your courage slowly and you’ll be ready to take on stuttering before you know it.

Use courage often, it gets stronger and it will be easier to use.

Slay your stutter

I would like to encourage you, hah, to look into courage. Read a book in which someone talks passionately about it and see in you become inspired.

Here are three awesome books you should read, at least in my opinion:

  • Courage – Osho
  • Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers
  • The Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle

All three describe courage differently. But that’s the beauty of it, different words for different people. See what gets you hooked and exited. This piece below gets me going like crazy!

Stuart and I want you to start overcoming stuttering, and to that with starting with courage. Courage slays uncertainty, slays procrastination, slays excuses and …

Courage slays your stutter.

You can do this.



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Overcome Stuttering | How To Raise Confidence And Be Fluent

We received an awesome question from one of our viewers this week! He wondered how he could raise his confidence in such a way that he would be more fluent and more consistent with it for longer periods of time.

We believe this is a great question and very helpful for a lot of people who stutter.

So go check it out!

When you have a question you’d like to get an answer on you can email us @ info@brocabrothers.com

Talk soon!

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Stuttering And The Hero´s Journey: How To Become A Fluent BOSS

Fellow Broca Brothers and Sisters!

When you set out to overcome your stutter, you are on your own personal journey. There is no one like you, so there is no journey like yours. Your experiences will be of your own and yours only.

But there is something very universal about this journey and it is described magically in Joseph Cambell´s book The Hero With A Thousand Faces. It´s called The Hero´s Journey. And there’s an important lesson to be learned from it.

The Hero’s Journey is the storyline that is used in movies like Star Wars, The Matrix and Lord Of The Rings. It’s in cartoons like Spiderman but also in the Bible and pretty much every other religious script. It´s the storyline of myths and legends from all (lost) civilizations across the planet, from the Aztecs to the indigenous of Africa. You know what, it’s even in the story of Pinocchio and it might be in yours!

How to become a fluent boss

It’s the universal story that applies to someone undertaking something meaningful, something that will change his of her life. At Broca Brothers we call it:

How to become a BOSS.

Here’s the graph that outlines it all pretty well:graphictwo

Let’s see how the first eight steps apply to overcoming stuttering, shall we? Be ready to be amazed.

Ordinary World

You and your stutter. You’re in the ordinary world. Meaning: your life as you’re used to it. It’s going it’s course, nothing fancy. You know you stutter and you’re shy, but you kind of accepted it. It’s who you are, right?

Call To Adventure

“Mayby I should do something about my stuttering.” The call to adventure! It might be a feeling or something someone told you. You keep entertaining the thought of becoming something greater, a fluent speaker.

Refusal Of The Call

“I don’t think I’m able to be a fluent speaker.” Excuses, excuses and more excuses. Things are heating up underneath your feet! The more you think about it, the more you hold yourself back. You doubt if it is even possible to do such a thing. You’re reciting every excuse in the book and therefore holding yourself back from learning to fully express yourself and enjoying life to the fullest.

Meeting The Mentor

Finally you round up some courage and start looking on the Internet for guidance. You find some information on stuttering and you learn that becoming more fluent is very possible.

Crossing The Threshold

‘Thank you for signing up for our course!’ OMG, you just filled in the form on your local speech therapy’s website! You stepped over that frightening barrier and you’re checking if you’re still alive. Yes you’re good to go.

Tests, allies, enemies

Your speech therapy let’s you make phone calls. You find yourself talking to strangers on the streets and getting yourself in conversations. Your peer group is there as your friends and allies, you’re not in this alone. And yes, enemies will come too. But in the form of negative thoughts but you won’t let them bother you!

The Approach

Approaching that what it is you were seeking: fluency. More and more you stop stuttering. You can’t believe it, this is the best feeling ever!

Ordeal, death and rebirth

Here’s where the ‘old you’ dies and the ‘new you’ is reborn. You are now someone who is able to fully express. Freedom at last. No more ordinary world for you.

Use this in starting out with overcoming your stutter

Isn’t it quite amazing how ancient storylines still hold up to today’s journeys? And there is something very valuable to learn out of this and it all starts with the call to adventure and the refusal of the call.

When Stuart and I started out with Broca Brothers we had no idea what we we’re going to do. We just knew we had to do something. We didn’t have a plan or a name, we had an idea and we went with it.

Accepting the call will lead to finding mentors, allies and eventually getting the reward. It’s kind of how the universe plays it out for you. It’s almost automatic after you take the first step. Doors, which you never thought were there, will open. We see it happening everywhere around us all the time.

Refusing the call is coming up with excuses not to do that what you feel you have to do. You feel bro? Excuses will hold you back from doing something truly meaningful, something life changing.

The call to adventure is your very first test to see if you’re up for the challenge.

Become you own hero

You don’t have to be an Elon Musk or Steve Jobbs to be able to do something amazing. Set yourself a healthy pair of boundaries, no more excuses! You now know starting is the only thing you have to do and help will come your way. Be active, stop passively sitting around in your ordinary world and embark upon your great adventure, I say!

Fluency and freedom is out there for you to grab. The one thing you have to do is accept the call to action. As we said in our 10 Rules Of Overcoming Stuttering E-book:

“Get the damn reward!”

We want this for you.



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Stuttering and the lost art of maturity

Yesterday I had a high school reunion party. We hadn’t seen each other for a decade. You could say things have changed since then.

Yes, we have grown older obviously. After high school we all turned to our own path, some even have kids now. But that’s not the change I’m referring to.

There were friends I’ve seen not too long ago, they know what I’m up to with stuttering and all. But those who I hadn’t spoken to for 10 years didn’t.

They noticed a profound change in presence. Me too, I never felt as comfortable around them as I did yesterday. Know that high school was the most awkward and depressing thing ever happened to me. Especially around the popular kids, I was never up for that challenge.

One friend was particularly interested in what happened and what it was I learned. I told him about my belief that a huge part of stuttering is about maturity, and the lost art thereof. Here’s what I told him.

Vulnerable because of stuttering

As a kid you grow up, suddenly you develop a development disorder called ‘stuttering’. You have no clue about what to do with it, you are young and vulnerable and you need guidance in order to survive in this hectic social world.

Now you ‘stutter’ and it gets noticed at school. Along with school your parents decide that speech therapy would be best for you. Now the idea arises that you need fixing.

You need fixing because you are not good enough, you are doing something wrong and you are not ‘normal’ like the other kids.

Now everybody, including you, starts to fixate on the stuttering. For you it becomes something that mustn’t happen.

Bullies notice it and tease you about it. You get beaten up which leaves you even more vulnerable and insecure.

You develop a lot of associations with your stuttering. You belief you are a stutterer. And when you speak up you will get weird looks, you’ll block and you’ll get teased afterwards. Bad things will happen.

This creates an enormous wound. Your parents do the best they can, but no one really knows exactly what to do. There is no guide to help you go through all this in a healthy way.

I Speak and then I Stutter

As you grow toward ‘adulthood’ you get more and more experiences as a ‘person who stutters’. Your thinking is this: I speak and then I stutter. You start to fully identify with being a ‘stutterer’. You become the wound, or rather, the wound becomes you.

Then you’re 25 and the idea arises to go to an alternative speech therapy.

You learn a technique, they talk about breathing and you know what? It works! Damnit, freedom at last! You learn to step out of your comfort zone a little and you accumulate some confidence.

For a month or so you are perfectly fluent. Suddenly a stutter returns into your repertoire. What? No, I’m not a person who stutters anymore. Or am I? What am I really?

Once you start to doubt yourself more and more stuttering will re-appear.

This is the story of too many people and I will tell you why.

I told my friend that this happens all over the world, again and again. And I told him why.

Remember the wound that was inflicted upon you in childhood? You still carry it around with you. And you know what else? That wound is still 4 years old and it’s buried deep inside of you. You got older, but the wound did not. The wound is still a kid and it’s still vulnerable and is still waiting for the proper guidance.

Your wound needs to mature. It needs to understand how to deal with life’s situations.

Your wound needs guidance in order to heal. So you won’t be swept off of your feet by the slightest remark someone gives you. So you will know your own path and you stick to it. So you know who you truly are and what you want out of life and nothing is going to keep you from it.

This is what I felt intensely yesterday. I wasn’t seeking for the approval and acceptance from others as I have done in the past. I wasn’t looking to gain. Instead I gave because I know I have value to offer and I know I am enough. I was on my own path.

This is real maturity that gives you real confidence. Not the pseudo confidence you get from a technique, while a technique is very beneficial it is also very superficial. It doesn’t dig deep enough, that’s just how it is.

My wound and I have matured.

I still do crazy shit and get weird looks but it’s of a different kind.. If I’m having fun I couldn’t care less.

Last night I was THE source of grounded energy and everybody, including me, felt comfortable being around me. I have never experienced that as a teenager and writing about it brings tears to my eyes because I remember how I used to be.

Understand that this is what overcoming stuttering is all about. It’s the honest to god truth. This is the most powerful and life changing process there is and fluency comes right along with it.

I have felt this deep and profound change within myself and I see it happening in others when they go through the same steps of understanding life’s processes and why it can keep you stuttering.

Earlier today I saw a clip from one of my favorite philosophers Alan Watts. And he said this:

“What has to happen is, we have to come back to a sane view of our own life. Which is the way we really are … instead of this funny little separate personality.”

Follow these words and start with how you view yourself and what you want out of life.

It will rock your world

My brother Stuart and I have been working on something truly amazing. It’s going to rock your world and the world of every person who stutters.

It’s something that we’ve been working on for years now and we’re super exited to see it come to fruition and something of substance to grab on to. We’re getting to the core of overcoming stuttering and becoming more fluent in every situation, no matter how life threatening it might be, no matter what day of the week it is or how you feel.

Lasting fluency.

We’re writing everything down. Soon we’ll box it, wrap a bow around it and give it to you so you can learn this too.

We’ll talk a lot more about it in the upcoming weeks and months so stay tuned.

Grab the free e-book to learn more about overcoming stuttering.

Talk soon,

Broca Bro Hille

#1 Secret To Overcoming Stuttering

Hey everyone!

We’re answering a question we received from Rashid this week. He asked us: “what is your #1 secret to becoming so fluent?”

We talk about the thing that will determine whether or not you will become a more fluent speaker: can you DO yes, even when your mind is telling you no?

Enjoy the vid!


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Stuttering | 6 Simple Tips for Consistent Fluency

Hey there!

A new week means a new episode of The Stutter Hack. This week we’re answering a question from Matt: “How can I maintain fluency during conversations?”.

We provide and describe 6 simple tips you can immediately apply into your daily life and conversations to create that consistent fluency. Enjoy!

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