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Broca Brothers Battle Stuttering | Local newspaper interview |

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We recently have been interviewed for a local Dutch newspaper about the way we approach stuttering and of course reaching other people who stutter around the world with our message.

If you’re Dutch you can read the original copy right here!

If you’re not Dutch, don’t worry because you can read the translated version below.




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Broca brothers battle stuttering

Witmarsum (NL) – “We know what the solution for stuttering is and we want to tell the whole world.” With that goal in mind brothers Hille and Stuart set up Broca Brothers.

The reason

The Broca Brothers is a duo that faces stuttering head on. Hille explains the reason: “I woke up one Friday morning and it was very clear to me: this has to change”, says the elder brother, who only just recently still stuttered heavily. “I’m going outside right now to talk to people. I’m just going to ask them what time it is, that is nothing to worry about. But my heart was pounding in my throat and I stood there shaking like a straw. Then I thought: if I feel like this about a situation like that, then it has to do with many other aspects than just speaking.” That event was the reason for Hille to change course completely. “I made a plan and jumped in completely”.

The search

It was a search for a ‘real’ solution. Hille read many books ranging from psychology, physiology to even a little spirituality. This, in combination with the psychology study of younger brother Stuart en their own experiences, makes it so that they found a solution that worked very well for them. Hille: “When you stutter you’re trapped in a program. It’s a vicious cycle. It’s a brainwash; the feeling that you’re worth less than others. Stuttering has a total impact on emotions, thoughts and self image. That has to change. It is possible to break out of that program.” The emphasis lies on the changing of that self image. “It’s very important to work on your self image. You will get more confidence out of it, you will act in a different way and because of that speak more fluent.


The approach has been successful for the two. Hille, now living in Utrecht: “My speech continuously improved. If I came back at my parents’ place they didn’t understand what was going on. I realized that speaking fluent is pretty pleasing.”

Youtube channel

The brothers are extremely focused on sharing their findings with the rest of the world. Through their YouTube channel they spread videos in English with tutorials and through their website www.brocabrothers.com they offer support and coaching. With that they reach people who stutter all around the world. “We have followers from Germany, United States, Russia, India..” Hille tells. “We fully believe in this approach and we see that it works. This way you’ll get results you never thought were possible. It’s super frustrating if we see people struggling with their stutter when it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Yme Gietema – Bolswarder Nieuwsblad

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