45 mins video

Talk with Elliott Hulse | Stuttering, fully expressing yourself

Elliott Hulse, professional strongman and strength coach known for his YouTube fitness channel called Strengthcamp. It was his other channel called Elliottsaidwhat that opened up our eyes to the possibilities and capabilities of the humand body and mind.

Over and over we played his videos where he talks about mindsets, eating healthy, working out and, we’ll never forget, “motivation is bullshit”.

Eventhough Elliott’s a strength and fitness coach he talks about life, pushing through fear, being decisive and doing the thing you have to do whether you feel like it or not. It’s his videos that eventually got us out on the streets talking to people and start experimenting with ways to overcome our stutter.

You can tell by the interview that this is a warm and kind person. His vibe is all about passion and integrity and we felt it for weeks after the interview.

Glad to have met the man.