Does the perception of stuttering influence your life?

It’s a new day, a new video and possibly a new life, depending on your willingness to let go everything you’ve been holding on to since you were a little baby. Oh, just playing!

Here’s a new question about stuttering: does the perception of stuttering influence your life? Might not be such a hard question to answer for yourself.

Still, we thought it could be worthwhile to shed a little light on the perception of stuttering, and how this power can alter the way you live life in many ways, both positive and negative.



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6 minute video

Does repressing negative emotions cause stuttering?

A new video on stuttering.

This time we’re answering the following question we received: does repressing negative emotions cause stuttering?

Here’s the full questions: do you think that stuttering is caused by blocking and repressing negative emotions, rather than the emotion itself? Because everyone experiences negative emotions but they do not stutter. So do you think repressing emotions is what makes us stutter?

We hope you enjoy the video.

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Hille & Sjoerd


60 Minutes Video

The Paradigm Shift That Will Free You From Stuttering

This video contains an interview that we did with Free From Stutter. Andrey, Free From Stutter’s founder, asked us to join him online and live to talk about ‘one thing we’ve learned’ in our journey to find an answer on stuttering.

We knew pretty much immediately what to talk about. Because this ‘one thing’ changed everything for us. Shifted our whole perspective towards stuttering and fluency.

This ‘one thing’ is also simultaneously the ‘last thing’ there is to know. That we are already IT: the fluent speaker.

Why this is so, that you are already a fluent speaker and why this shows you the way out of stuttering, is what we (try to) explain in this video.

Sit back, relax and let it sink in. Hille & Sjoerd

Watch: 10 minutes

Stuttering and the importance of breathing

breathing stuttering stammering speech therapy

Here’s a video on the importance of breathing on the path of becoming free of stuttering.

Overcoming stuttering has a lot to do with working on the psychological, emotional and physical aspects of it.

Breathing – however underestimated – has the power to influence, change and transform all those three aspects. However in order to do that, one has to breathe the right way: breathing into the pelvic floor.

Breathing properly starts with breathing out. Because breathing out is letting go. Secondly there’s the inbreath, which has to be done without any effort on your part. One has to simply let the breath come, and also let the breath go.

This way we learn to let go of tension, negative thinking, emotions and thus becoming more and more free of stuttering – or stammering.



45 mins video

Talk with Elliott Hulse | Stuttering, fully expressing yourself

Elliott Hulse, professional strongman and strength coach known for his YouTube fitness channel called Strengthcamp. It was his other channel called Elliottsaidwhat that opened up our eyes to the possibilities and capabilities of the humand body and mind.

Over and over we played his videos where he talks about mindsets, eating healthy, working out and, we’ll never forget, “motivation is bullshit”.

Eventhough Elliott’s a strength and fitness coach he talks about life, pushing through fear, being decisive and doing the thing you have to do whether you feel like it or not. It’s his videos that eventually got us out on the streets talking to people and start experimenting with ways to overcome our stutter.

You can tell by the interview that this is a warm and kind person. His vibe is all about passion and integrity and we felt it for weeks after the interview.

Glad to have met the man.


Tedx Talk on Stuttering

Back in 2016 we stood on the stage of Tedx talking about stuttering and overcoming the struggle with it.

This video is already seen so many times and the number continues to grow. Super grateful for this to have happened.