18 Minute Video

Letting go of Stuttering: Our Approach

In this video Sjoerd explains how we at Broca Brothers approach stuttering. He’ll do so with a marker, a white board and a couple of questions.

By which eventually the conclusion must be drawn that stuttering isn’t much of a speech problem at all. And better yet, that you’re already able to speak fluently. But (sometimes) there’s something in the way.

That what’s in the way – for example tension, emotions or thoughts – we’re able to let go of. So when we talk about ‘letting go of stuttering’, we’re talking about letting go of the things that are in the way of your fluent speech.

When you get rid of what’s in the way, your speech is able to flow again. It’s called fluent speech for a reason!

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think of it.

Talk soon,

Hille & Sjoerd