December 15, 2020 / article

Speech Therapy: Goal and Way

Those who go to speech therapy are free to set fluency as a goal; as long as he or she knows how such a thing is ‘achieved’. It is not about fighting against stuttering, about using willpower or techniques to control your speech. Speech therapy should be about making the wish come true that is already present within the person who stutters: truly being yourself – of which fluency will be the result.

September 25, 2020 / video
18 Minute Video

Letting go of Stuttering: Our Approach

In this video Sjoerd explains how we at Broca Brothers approach stuttering. He’ll do so with a marker, a white board and a couple of questions. By which eventually the conclusion must be drawn that stuttering isn’t much of a speech problem at all. And better yet, that you’re already able to speak fluently. But […]