60 Minutes Video

The Paradigm Shift That Will Free You From Stuttering

This video contains an interview that we did with Free From Stutter. Andrey, Free From Stutter’s founder, asked us to join him online and live to talk about ‘one thing we’ve learned’ in our journey to find an answer on stuttering.

We knew pretty much immediately what to talk about. Because this ‘one thing’ changed everything for us. Shifted our whole perspective towards stuttering and fluency.

This ‘one thing’ is also simultaneously the ‘last thing’ there is to know. That we are already IT: the fluent speaker.

Why this is so, that you are already a fluent speaker and why this shows you the way out of stuttering, is what we (try to) explain in this video.

Sit back, relax and let it sink in. Hille & Sjoerd