Individual coaching

The group course is a great place to start when you want to let go of stuttering. But we also recommend to make use of our individual coaching.

That is because every person who stutters follows their own process and therefore surely will benefit from personalized advice and exercises.

For people who live in the Netherlands we recommend to come by in person for such a session, but if you´re living abroad we can set up a session via Skype.

Our coaching is mainly focussed on adults who stutter. But if you’re a parent looking for help for your child who stutters, you’re also very welcome to contact us.

What a session looks like.

An individual coaching session usually starts with a good talk to find out what you need at that moment to let go of stuttering.

After that it’s time to put things into practice with a breathing-relaxation exercise. After the session you’ll receive an audio recording to practise with at home.

A session usually takes an hour or so, depending on what needs to be talked about.

Costs and contact.

The costs of an individual coaching session are € 50,-.

If you´re on a tight budget but really want to start with letting go of stuttering, you’re welcome to email us and we’ll figure something out.

Making an appointment can be done via this link. And if you have any questions feel free to ask them as well.