Free video course Kick Start Your Fluency Learn the basics of overcoming stuttering

Overcoming stuttering

Stuttering really doesn’t have to influence our lives as it usually does. We can definitely do something about it. We can all take matters into our own hands and take action to break free from stuttering.

This free video course is meant to help you get on your way and give you a strategy to leave stuttering behind you once and for all. Step by step you’ll speak more fluently in a natural and spontaneous way so you can be your true self.

A free video course

Kick Start Your Fluency is a small video course in which you will be talked through the basics of overcoming stuttering. If you want to transform your speech then this is where you have to start. Stuttering is a pattern in which we got stuck in at some point in our lives, but that also means we can break out of it again. You can throw away your speech techniques and tricks, it’s time for natural, spontaneous and lasting fluent speech.

What will you learn?

  • What stuttering exactly is
  • What the stutter pattern is
  • How to break free from the stutter pattern
  • What the internal brake is
  • How to recognize the internal brake and let go of it
  • How to break free from stuttering
  • How to speak more fluently, step by step
  • The 3 most important mindsets for success

Learn to let go of stuttering

It took us years to figure out and overcome stuttering. Slowly but surely we found the things that one needs to know in order to let go of stuttering. In these 4 videos you will find the principles of those lessons, the basics. These basics are near identical for every person who stutters.

Learn to let go of stuttering with the quickest way possible. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel because we will kickstart your fluency.

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See you inside,

Hille & Sjoerd

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