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Personal coaching

It’s the experience of many people who stutter, including Hille: something was missing in the method that he learned during speech therapy. The speech technique quickly lost its power and stuttering came back. The core was not dealt with. A standard method was used for every body, but it didn’t shine a light on Hille’s problems, let alone fix them.

Personal coaching has an immense advantage compared to a standard method as we’ll be able to look at you, your stutter and your story. Because of this we’re able to work on the core of your stutter. The steps you have to take to become a fluent speaker are personal. Everybody has his or her own stutter experiences and thus walks his or her own path. Your own path implies your own solution and through personal coaching we can look, feel and think with you and so give you your solution.

Personal coaching is the opposite of a single method given to all. It is a precise, strategic and effective approach in which you are personally guided to break free from stuttering. No temporary solutions for temporary fluency, but working on the core of stuttering and building a solid foundation on which lasting fluency can rest. Your methods and speech techniques can be thrown in the bin. It’s time to express yourself again, fluently, naturally and spontaneously.

“Personal coaching has an immense advantage as we can look at you, your stutter and your story.”

To the core of stuttering

In whatever form we coach, we always aim for the same result: deal with stuttering on a deep level. We call it going to the core of stuttering. That way you work on the cause of stuttering and are you able to create deep and lasting change. To the core of stuttering means asking yourself why you stutter. Work on that why and you can prevent stuttering rather than using a technique whenever you feel a stutter or block coming up.

You must have noticed this before: the degree to which you stutter is not always the same. Sometimes you stutter more, sometimes you stutter less. We can tell you that you’re not the only one. The best example of this is that virtually every person who stutters speaks a lot more fluent when he or she is all by him or herself and speaks out loud in a free and spontaneous manner. At the moment other people enter the situation it’s a different story and you start to stutter more.

This means that you already have the fluency within you, but stuttering is triggered by certain social situations. We call it situational stuttering. Your speech changes per situation and this does not happen by coincidence. There is always a reason why you stutter. The physical stuttering which you hear and see can always be traced back to an underlying cause. So, to the core of stuttering! (Read more about the core of stuttering here.)

“To the core of your stuttering means that we can help you find what works for you, instead of giving you a method that supposedly should work for everybody.”

The approach

What lasting fluency needs is working on the cause of stuttering. Working on the cause, the core, means finding out why your stutter comes up in certain situations and then taking the necessary steps that fit you personally to break free from stuttering.

To the core of your stuttering means that we can help you find what works for you, instead of giving you a method that supposedly should work for everybody.

What will we be doing?

  • In conversation.

You, your stutter and your story is the most important part in personal coaching. Knowing who you are, what your story is and what drives you gives us the opportunity to give you exactly that what suits you.

  • Exercises.

You’ll be taken through exercises. Exercises to become more aware of your points to improve on, to relax and to bring out the fluent speech that’s inside of you.

  • Out of your comfort zone.

We will always motivate you to take that one extra step out of your comfort zone. That’s where you’ll find true freedom in your speech. When we coach one on one we can make sure everything happens on your tempo. This way no hurtful and shameful things will happen and we can continue to move forward.

  • In the upward spiral.

The conversations, information, insights, exercsies, stepping out of your comfort zone at your own pace, knowing exactly how to break free from stuttering, knowing how to bend stuttering to fluency, having a healthy perspective on stuttering and so having a clear solution in your hands. That’s what truly leads to an upward spiral that will give you more and more fluency.

  • Continuously the right guidance.

We continuously keep a close eye on you and your progress. We keep talking and using the right exercises and practice the right things to let go of stuttering. We follow your personal path and that’s what makes all the difference.

“The result of going to the core is an approach that naturally helps you change your speech on a deep and profound level.”

The result

The result of going to the core is an approach that naturally helps you change your speech on a deep and profound level.

It’s a feeling of refinding freedom, not just in your speech but in your being and doing also. Finally you understand stuttering, but above all what you can do about it. The helplessness disappears and a feeling of deep trust comes back. Trust in your speech, in yourself and in everything you undertake.

The result is speaking in the way you truly are, without tricks and techniques. Deep from within, in the core, something changed that gives you fluency. It creates a grounded certainty that makes you stand on both feet, feeling grounded in every situation and speak fluently.

What others say

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“It’s actually so easy, but you need help from someone to crack the code.” – Jeroen (22)

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We can coach you wherever you are. We’ll come to or near your home town, take you through 3 days of intensive coaching sessions and pick up the after care via Skype. There’s also the option for you to come to the Netherlands and receive our coaching here. Be aware that the further we have to travel, the higher the costs of our coaching will be.


The price

Three days + after care (The Netherlands)
€ 1250,-
Three days + after care (Europe)
€ 2000,-
Three days + after care (Outside of Europe)
€ 3500,-

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