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Skype coaching

The Internet has many benefits with one of them being able to connect with people all around the world. It’s time to make use of that fact and give you the opportunity to connect with us to work on your speech from wherever you may find yourself living.

Stuttering brings along blocks, tension and shyness. It makes you hold back in conversations and you can no longer say what you want to say. If you’re looking for affordable coaching to help you out of stuttering one step at a time then you might want to consider Skype Coaching.

For an hour and a half we’ll talk about you, your story and your stutter. You will receive personal guidance consisting of understanding stuttering and knowing what to do about it. We’ll talk you to everything you want and need to know including tips and exercises. After that it’s up to you to apply the new information in real life. This coaching is open for everybody. It doesn’t matter what stage of the process you find yourself in. Whether you struggle with heavy blocks or you want to take your already pretty fluent speech to the next level, you’re welcome. We can help you.

To the core of stuttering

In whatever form we coach, we always aim for the same result: deal with stuttering on a deep level. We call it going to the core of stuttering. That way you work on the cause of stuttering and are you able to create deep and lasting change. To the core of stuttering means asking yourself why you stutter. Work on that why and you can prevent stuttering rather than using a technique whenever you feel a stutter or block coming up.

You must have noticed this before: the degree to which you stutter is not always the same. Sometimes you stutter more, sometimes you stutter less. We can tell you that you’re not the only one. The best example of this is that virtually every person who stutters speaks a lot more fluent when he or she is all by him or herself and speaks out loud in a free and spontaneous manner. At the moment other people enter the situation it’s a different story and you start to stutter more.

This means that you already have the fluency within you, but stuttering is triggered by certain social situations. We call it situational stuttering. Your speech changes per situation and this does not happen by coincidence. There is always a reason why you stutter. The physical stuttering which you hear and see can always be traced back to an underlying cause. So, to the core of stuttering! (Read more about the core of stuttering here.)

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