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Back online in 2018.

Currently upgrading the program.

Step by step guide

Receive a step-by-step guide that takes you through instructional videos, assignments and exercises on how to break out of stuttering and achieve consistent fluency that lasts over time.

31-days money-back guarantee

Not satisfied with the program? We’ll be happy to give you a full refund, no questions asked. It keeps us honest and focussed to help you in the best possible way.

Pay in 3 installments

To lighten the load of the investment we’ve added the option to spread the payment over 3 months. The 3 installments will be automatically drawn from your creditcard, no further actions needed.

The depth you're looking for.

It’s easy actually, our goal is to be your last speech therapy. When you get our help, you get everything you need to finally leave stuttering behind once and for all.

And it’s possible.

Time after time we are confirmed in our approach. With this program you’ll find the depth that you’ve been looking for to tackle stuttering at it’s core, it will be explained to you in detail. With the right attitude it makes it possible to go through the exercises, become more and more fluent and do so from the comfort of your home.

No techniques, no tricks, but the right steps to change your stutter program into positive patterns that support fluent speech.

Do you have the right attitude? Then we have your program. Find out about all that stuttering is, how to become fluent, leave stuttering behind you and fully embrace your new found freedom in speaking that lasts.

Hille & Stuarths

Your stutter is not a speech problem.

The depth of this program lies in the conclusion that stuttering in adults is not a speech problem, but rather a symptom of something deeper. Therefore approaching stuttering with a speech technique is bound to fail where it only fights the symptoms and not the deeper lying issue. We don’t use techniques, we change the core of stuttering.

The conclusion that stuttering is not a speech problem comes from the fact that most people who stutter are very fluent when they are all alone and talk to themself. It’s when the person who stutters enters a social situation the stuttering is triggered. Also relapses happen because nothing internal has changed and ups and downs are controlled by how one feels from day to day.

Stuttering is a symptom of negative core beliefs. Your beliefs, assumptions and expectations about yourself and others are negative. This is created through years of stuttering experiences.

  • Stuttering in adults is not a speech problem
  • You are already very fluent when you talk to yourself
  • There’s nothing wrong with your brain, tongue movements or your diaphragm
  • Stuttering is a symptom of a deeper problem
  • We don’t use techniques, they only fight the symptoms
  • Stuttering comes from negative core beliefs
  • This program changes the core of stuttering
  • Fixing the core means fixing your stutter

The 3 pillars of this program


To change your core beliefs you start at your behavior. More fluency begins with positive speaking behaviors.

Unlearn the behavior that gets in your way and relearn positive speaking behaviors that help you become more and more fluent as fast as possible.

Internal break.

Created from negative core beliefs is the internal break.

On the one hand you want to speak but on the other you’re afraid to fail, to stutter. This creates a lot of doubt about your actions.

Releasing the internal break brings more fluency and, over time, will drastically change your core beliefs.

Core beliefs.

The final stage, changing your core beliefs.

Your core beliefs are mostly unconscious, but through the program you will become more aware of them and that gives you the opportunity to change them.

Through positive speaking behaviors and releasing the internal break you’re already changing big parts of your core beliefs, and it’s only a matter of time until they are fully healed.

  • You’ll be explained what stuttering exactly is
  • You can then approach stuttering the way it’s meant to be approached
  • Learn the positive speaking behaviors that support fluency
  • Let go of the internal break for the freedom in speaking you’ve been looking for
  • Heal your core beliefs and make the changes in your speech last

Promise yourself this

Even though every step is laid out for you, you have to be willing to take action. This isn’t a watch-video-and-be-cured program. You have to have an active attitude toward applying what you’re about to learn. In order to grow, you will have to face and break through resistance. And the only way to break through resistance is by taking action. It’s the only way to achieve lasting results.

Promise yourself this: “I will take action, no matter what. I will stick to the process and stay disciplined even if I don’t feel like it.”


This is NOT  a program for people who:
  • Don’t want to take action and rather give in to their fears and stay in their comfort zone
  • Don’t want to take responsibility for their lives and rather blame other things
  • Are not ready for change and want to keep doing what they’ve always been doing
  • Don’t have the energy to get up in the morning and do what must be done
  • Aren’t willing to learn new and exciting stuff to finally leave stuttering behind


A true Broca Brother is none of the above.


Get yourself into this program if you:
  • Are ready to kick stuttering in the face and leave it behind you once and for all
  • Feel energized to do what’s asked of you and are able to keep yourself motivated
  • Are openminded, eager to learn, not afraid of new things and ready for change
  • Understand that you have one life and you have to take responsibility for it
  • Are 100% done with stuttering, 100% determined to overcome it and never look back


Is this you? Then scroll down to invest in yourself.

We know how you feel.

Continuously stuck on the same letters, the blocks and the silences. It’s not pretty but there’s more to it. It’s in the way things get handled when you have a hard time speaking. How people react to you when you stutter. How they treat you differently because of your stutter. Telling you things like “just take your time!” or “just speak slowly!” They mean so well, but it just doesn’t work that way..

And if you dig deeper there’s even more to it. There’s this constant negative self-talk, sometimes mild, other times strong. But too often it’s there. Continuously worrying about speaking and what might happen if you stutter.

The self-doubt is there when you’re talking to your boss, when you’re thinking of starting a conversation with the girl you like, when you’re about to pick up the phone to call the local barbershop, when there’s a verbal test that you HAVE to pass, it happens before the important business meeting, in small talk with co-workers, when you want to tell a joke, when you’re about to ask a question or when you try to tell a story but the attention of the other drops.

We fully understand where you’re coming from. If you know anything about our story you know that we stuttered severely ourselves and it held us back in everything. The ups and downs exhausted us. Every now and then we gained some fluency, but it would always end up being all for nothing as we fell back into stuttering, deep seated insecurity and shame.

At some point we figured that we had to make a choice: we either accept that we stutter and leave it be or we’re going to try everything to overcome it and become fluent speakers. It wasn’t a difficult decision. We just had to change. We couldn’t live with the constant worrying about what to say and what people might think of us any longer. We simply wanted to stop stuttering. And we became determined to do so.

Since speech therapy didn’t help us, we decided to figure it out ourselves. It took us years and years of studying, reading, practicing, applying it in the real world, falling down and crawling back up. We started reading books, digging through clinical research, analyzing speech therapies, revisiting techniques, experimenting on ourselves and masterminding with speech therapists.

All this resulted in a deep understanding of stuttering while becoming more and more fluent. It’s those insights that we want to share with you in Speech Therapy @ Home.



Has been developed with you in mind.

Speech therapy @ Home will help you, regardless of what you want and where you are right now. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, what counts is wanting to leave your stutter behind you for once and for all. With this program it’s possible to reach your goals. You will have all the freedom to start when you want and to take all the time you need.


Has all the necessary assignments and exercises for you to learn efficiently.

Step by step find your way to more and more fluency. Every step is chosen carefully so it lays a solid foundation for the next. Nothing has been left to chance. From the physical aspects to the deep psychological concepts, everything is in there. You just follow the steps.


Supports you throughout the whole program.

Get help via Skype when you need it and access to the private Facebook Community, available only to those who are part of this program. Meet like-minded motivated people who know what you go through, and will support you on working on your speech. Everybody’s there to help and support each other.



  • The complete guide from stuttering to lasting fluency
  • Detailed instructional videos, assignments and exercises
  • Deep understanding of the true cause of stuttering
  • Development of natural speech without techniques
  • Prevention of relapses by getting to the core of stuttering
  • Full online support
  • Lifetime access to the program
  • The possibility to pause and continue when you feel like it
  • Meeting like-minded people who stutter
  • 31-days money back guarantee

3 high-value add-ons

Private coaching sessions

In a thirty minute skype call we determine your progress and what you need to focus on to reach your goals effectively and so set you up with a personalized action plan.


Private Facebook Community

Meet like minded people and get support from everybody in the program.

Lifetime free access to any live event

Get lifetime free access to any live event of ours anywhere in the world. Bootcamps, workshops and other live talks.


Some messages from our students:

Some weeks ago a friend of mine was really surprised and asked me what I have done about my stutter. We haven’t seen each other a long time and she told me that it is incredible and 10 times better than before. That made me really really really happy! Louisa Fleischer - 25 years old - Germany

The study materials and the ideas I find really great! It's a very nice combination of everything I already had learned with great additions and eye-openers. This approach really speaks to me. PETER BERG - 35 YEARS OLD - THE NETHERLANDS

Passed the TOEFL speech test, and did better than I expected. Zoe Huang - 27 years old - Taiwan

Met and talked to a lot of friends after Mass. Different from other times, today I could remain calm and speak easily, without hurrying or being anxious. DANIEL VOLPATO - 34 years old - BRAZIL

Currently upgrading.

Back online in 2018.

Speech Therapy @ Home


  • A program that addresses the core of stuttering
  • A step by step approach
  • Instructional videos, Skype support and a private facebook community
  • 31-day money back guarantee
  • Optional: spread the payment over 3 months
Currently upgrading

After the secure payment is done you can start the program right away.


Q: I’m very busy, I don’t know if this program fits in my schedule right now.

We took care of that by helping you out create a daily routine that fits in every busy schedule. Once you get the hang of the exercises, applying them throughout the day becomes automatic. And hey, the busier you are the better, because you will have many opportunities to practice! And if it really gets too much? Pause when you want and continue when you want. Go through the steps at your own pace.

Q: Can this program really help me? I’ve already tried so many things.

Yes, absolutely. We have been in that exact same situation. Nothing seemed to really help us, until we discovered the things that we talk about in the program. It’s a program for beginners to advanced, whether you have been to speech therapy or not. People who are looking for a little extra or a lot more fluency. Don’t hesitate to find out for yourself, you can always get your full investment back if it’s not what you expected.

Q: How do I receive the material?

When you click on the “Get the program and start immediately” button you will be brought to the payment process. After the payment is done you are directed to a page where you set up your own account and password. You’ll receive the link to the program and you can login immediately!

Q: Are you able to help me?

Without a doubt. We stuttered ourselves. We know exactly what you go through which is why we can give you the help you need. We have been doing the research and networking with other speech therapists to figure out what works and what doesn’t, backed up by a literature review due to Stuart’s degree in Psychology and access to the best scientific research articles.

Q: Are there any extra monthly costs included?

No. Next to the investment we ask of you there are no other costs included. You can choose to pay all at once or choose the option to pay in installments and spread the payment over 3 months. The price is as it is, a one time investment for lifetime access to the program.

Q: What happens if I’m not satisfied with the program?

We offer a 6 month money back guarantee. This allows you to have all the time you need to get the results you want, and when you’re not satisfied you can get a full refund within those 6 months.