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Stuttering is not a speech problem

You probably know this: in one situation speech is better than in another. From time to time many people who stutter even speak completely fluently. Others may not be completely fluent, but still fluent in such a way that the stutter is noticeably less.

It is therefore difficult for us to ignore the fact that speech does flow at certain moments. And for that reason we don’t see stuttering so much as a ‘speech problem’. The speech falters not because there is a problem with speaking itself, but because we are dealing with a deeper cause that triggers stuttering.

The cause of stuttering

The cause for stuttering is more nuanced than we can briefly tell, but simply put it can be found in whether or not someone’s ‘energy system’ is in order. This is the energy that flows in and through us, or stagnates. Fluent speech comes from its natural flow, while stuttering indicates blockages in the energy flows.

With blockages you can think of tensions, cramps, emotions and thoughts. Stuttering can therefore be preceded by something physical, emotional and/or psychological. But whatever it is, it’s always a matter of energy. They can all form a blocking factor in the energy system and hinder the natural flow of speech.

The solution for stuttering

The solution for stuttering lies in clearing the existing blockages in the energy system. If we do that, the energies in us will again find free passage and because of that the speech can then flow more and more generously. By doing this speaking can (again) become something natural and spontaneous, without having to do anything ‘special’ for it. It makes speaking techniques and the like unnecessary.

Our method

The importance of the breath

In our practice we focus on solving the existing blockages so that speaking can flow freely. We do this first by (learning to) deeply relax and let go, through the right way of breathing. Correct, or natural, breathing from the pelvis allows us to dissolve all possible blockages and thereby free the natural flow of speech.

That is why during an individual session we not only have a good conversation about stuttering, but we usually share a breathing relaxation exercise. By practicing pelvic breathing and using focused attention and visualizations, you can improve the flow of your own energy, and you may discover that you can relax more deeply than expected.

The psychological side of stuttering

As you relax more deeply, you let go of more and more old tensions, emotions and thoughts, and you eventually come to a different sense of self. We begin to experience ourselves and our environment in a fresh way, so that our self-image changes automatically. For example the way we look at things changes, limiting beliefs change, fear of speaking decreases and confidence in ourselves and speaking increases.

This makes it not necessary to first bring up the past and make old experiences conscious before they can be let go, as is often thought in classical psychotherapy. We reverse the order, as it were: first we let go so that we can enter into speaking situations in a relaxed manner. It will then become apparent whether we can do even more to increase fluency.

Express yourself spontaneously

Our speech therapy can be seen as psychotherapy, but then including body and energy system. Step by step the past loses its grip on us and we can move freely and open through life and its speaking situations. Then speaking no longer is something you have to work hard for or worry about, but something that comes naturally, allowing us to express ourselves spontaneously again.

Therapy options

Individual guidance

Our method is pretty much suitable for every adult who stutters. The things one encounters and the goals one has in mind, of course, differ per person, which makes individual therapy the most important form of guidance. Individual guidance makes it possible to pay attention to personal difficulties, which both deepens and speeds up the overall process.

An individual session usually consists of a good conversation about stuttering and related matters, after which we share a breathing relaxation exercise with you. The sound recording of the exercise will be sent to you with which you can practicing at home. In the next session, we’ll discuss how you’re doing, any difficulties you’ve encountered, and look at a new exercise.

Like this we can work in an increasingly specific manner on personal obstructions and blockages that cause stuttering. We do not use a preconceived plan, but we examine session by session what a suitable next step is for someone. In this way we can always optimally provide for the wishes and needs that people have at that moment.

Depending on those wishes and needs, we normally meet with someone once every 3 to 6 weeks. A little more regularly in the beginning, later in someone’s process there may be a little more time between sessions. Exactly how often we meet can be decided in consultation, but a certain amount of time inbetween sessions is always recommended.


Individual session
Costs: € 65,-
Duration: 1 hour
Place: Online

When you live in The Netherlands coaching takes place in Groningen and costs € 75,-.

Our coaching is not reimbursed by health insurance. Those who are short on money can therefore receive a discount.

Please note:

Any cancellation of a scheduled appointment must be made at least 48 hours before the session. If the cancellation falls within those 48 hours, we will charge the full cost of the session. Except for cases of ‘force majeure’, of course.


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