Broca Brothers World Tour 2017/2018

Taking our teachings of overcoming stuttering to you

About the world tour

In a dream, no more than a week ago, Hille was told to set up coaching abroad and so this started. We always had the vision of bringing that what we have learned about overcoming stuttering to the rest of the world. First through videos, now through live coaching!

After coaching a lot in The Netherlands and Stuart being graduated as Master in Psychology, it is our greatest pleasure to introduce you to Broca Brothers World Tour 2017/2018. From October ’17 through May ’18 we’ll be travelling from city to city and we might just end up in yours and help you.

But it’s more than that. This is also about bringing more people who stutter together and as a global movement empower each other to step up, to take back our freedom of speaking and learn to fully express ourselves. Here’s the rare opportunity to:

  • Get coached in your city or a city near you.
  • Get the help you need to overcome your stutter.
  • Meet other people who stutter and build meaningful friendships.
  • Join a global movement that is all about empowering people who stutter and learning to fully express yourself.

Our Approach to stuttering

Stuttering is not a speech problem.

Most people who stutter speak fluent, or significantly more fluent, when they’re alone and talking to themselves. But as soon as they get themselves into social situations, as soon as other people start looking at them, they start stuttering.

This means that there’s nothing wrong with the breathing, or speaking, or articulation of the person who stutters. Stuttering is not a speech problem but a reaction to a particular social situation.

Stuttering is triggered by a social situation. This reaction in the present is created through negative experiences in the past. It’s the internal psychological process that disrupts your speech. It’s our job, as your coaches, to guide you through the process of creating more positive speaking experiences and help reorder your thoughts and emotions so you can become a fluent speaker in every social situation.

The fluency is already inside of you, we can help you get it out!

How you can be helped

In every city we visit we will set up The Workshop, Group Coaching and Personal Coaching. Before we confirm your city on our tour schedule we’d like to have a couple of confirmations for Group and/or Personal Coaching, as these have the potential to truly transform people. If you’re genuinely interested send us your name and hometown, at the bottom of this page you’ll find the contact form. You will be contacted after that.


The Workshop

Starts Friday afteroon.

In The Workshop you will learn the basics of overcoming stuttering. You’ll learn what stuttering exactly is, how your psychological process eventually disrupts your speech and the first steps to start overcoming stuttering from that day on.

This is also the first day of coaching if you choose Group Coaching. Those who choose Personal Coaching are highly encouraged to join The Workshop (for free).


Group Coaching

Starts Friday afternoon and continues throughout the whole weekend.

In Group Coaching we take 3 days to dive deep into the processes of stuttering: the physical processes and the psychological processes. You’ll learn about important subjects like natural (speaking) behavior, chronic tension, the internal break, living in reaction, scanning, the pedestal problem and social conditioning.

Learn how to speak naturally fluent without any tricks or speech techniques, learn how to create more positive speaking experiences and how to get yourself into an upward spiral that will not only contribute to more fluency but also to a greater feeling of freedom in your whole life.

We have 2 coaches and 6 available spots. After sign up we’ll ask you to fill in a questionairre regarding your stutter and personal life. We’ll divide you in groups of 3. The groups will be composed according to your personal needs, so you will join 2 others that more or less have the same needs as you. This is as personal and effective as group coaching can become.


Personal Coaching

Starts before or after the weekend.

Personal Coaching is our showpiece, our most precious. With 3 days of personal coaching you can be assured we fully dive into your story, your needs, your goals, your stutter and your personal way out of it. Every person who stutters is a little different and thus all need a little different approach. It’s true that the best results are attained in personal coaching.

Note: personal coaching is not for every one.

Before one gets accepted for personal coaching we’d like to receive a filled in questionairre that you can download here. Before we coach you we want to identify who you are, what you need and if you’re fully ready. If the answers are satisfying we will set up a Skype conversation to ask you a couple of more questions so we can get to know each other better. This is very beneficial to your process. We put in a lot of extra effort and time for people who choose Personal Coaching, we expect the same from you.

Only 2 to 4 spots available, depending on the length of our stay.

An overview

The Workshop
  • 1 day
  • Learn the basics
  • Experience freedom in speaking
  • Skyrocket your motivation
  • 15 spots
  • Access to FB Group
  • Aftercare
  • Access to Whatsapp Group
  • Access to Speech Therapy @ Home*
Group Coaching
  • 3 days
  • Only 6 spots
  • 1:3 coach student ratio
  • Attend The Workshop for free
  • Indepth knowledge of stuttering
  • Learn everything you need to know
  • Based on group’s needs
  • Group based aftercare*
  • Access to FB Group
  • Access to Whatsapp Group
  • Access to Speech Therapy @ Home*
  • Personal plan
  • Personal aftercare

Personal Coaching
  • 3 days
  • Only 2 spots
  • Attend The Workshop for free
  • Indepth knowledge of stuttering
  • Learn everything you need to know
  • Receive a personalized plan
  • Fully focussed on your story
  • Approach based on your needs
  • Your last speech therapy ever
  • Personal aftercare via Skype*
  • For the 100% committed
  • Access to FB Group
  • Access to Whatsapp Group
  • Access to Speech Therapy @ Home**



* Aftercare is done online and consists of 3 – 5 online meetings. Those in Group Coaching will be able to attend a group call, Personal Coaching aftercare will be done through Skype.

** Speech Therapy @ Home is our online program that contains all the information and exercises you need to overcome your stutter. You will receive free access to this when you sign up for Group Coaching or Personal Coaching. Valued at $ 530,-, as a gift to empower you even more.

About The Broca Brothers

Let us tell you why we believe to be your best option to overcome your stutter.


We stuttered ourselves.

The most important thing is that we have stuttered ourselves, badly. We have been to speech therapy, we have tried that route but it didn’t work for us. At some point we decided to take matters into our own hands. We decided to figure out how to overcome stuttering by ourselves, reading books, trying out different ideas, following online programs and learning a lot from people like John Harrison (author Redefining Stuttering).

The past 4 years we’ve learned virtually everything there is to stuttering, where it begins, how it evolves to chronic stuttering, how to break free from the stutter pattern and how to make fluency last. We ourselves have been through this whole process which enables us to be of great service to others. We genuinely understand and feel exactly what you are going through, because we’ve been there too.

We can now use our experience to help you find what works for you.


Master in Psychology.

We can embark on this adventure because Stuart just recently graduated and got his diploma and title as Master in Psychology. With the knowledge that comes from this study we have all the tools to be of great help to you and everyone who’s interested.


Coaching comes natural.

We would say coaching almost comes naturally to us. When we coach, we’re not there to impose our approach onto you, we don’t have tricks and techniques that we make you use. Instead we listen and watch carefully, we take our time to get to know you so we can give you exactly what you need. That is coaching to us.

The Investment

For now we don’t want you to worry about the costs, or the when and where. What we first want to determine is where we will go exactly and who’s interested. Our goal is to help as many people who stutter in as many cities around the world and financially break even. The more people who are interested the lower we can keep the costs, it’s that simple.

We believe this is a very rare opportunity to get really good coaching for a great price and not have to travel far. Grab that opportunity!

Get coached!

If, after reading this, you’re interested in getting coached by us then fill in the form.

Before we confirm your city on our tour schedule we’d like to have a couple of confirmations for Group and/or Personal Coaching, as these have the potential to truly transform people.

Let us know via the contact form below where you live and in what kind of coaching you’re interested.

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